sweetasruby: June 6th, 1856 Chapter Three: 7:34 PM Eli sat in his library, staring at books he has…


June 6th, 1856

Chapter Three:

7:34 PM

Eli sat in his library, staring at books he has already read and the stories in them that he has already encountered. Life seems dull for him. He has already seen the world, experienced all there was to experience. Eli headed out for his friend’s house, Mr. Benjamin Green His house was the social spot for all the men in town. Tonight there was a gathering of the important men in the town, it was a way to blow off steam. As he opened the door, he was welcomed by a beautiful foyer and a crowd of what must have been a hundred men. The room was warm from the heat the bodies made. Eli stood there and took in the beauty before him. He then decided to go over to Mr. Green, to thank him for inviting him.

“It’s my pleasure to have such a presentable man like yourself at my gathering,” said Mr. Green. “Go out and have some fun. I mean as much fun as you can have without a woman.” Mr. Green laughed along with a group of his friends. Eli nodded his head in agreement.

While socializing, he noticed a man who was sitting alone, reading a book. The man was very skinny and boyish. Seized by his beauty, Eli left his friends walked towards the man and sat next to him.

“Well, aren’t you an odd man. A room filled with people, and you would rather read.” Eli initiated the conversation.

“I prefer to learn,” came the swift reply.

“That is very smart of you. I love to read too. It is one of the greatest pleasures in life.” Eli paused to take another look at the man’s face. “What are you reading?”

“A book.”

“I got that. What kind of book?” Eli tilted his head down to try and see the cover.

“It’s about a man who could never die and his search for happiness. He had a full life, yet he was never quite satisfied.”

Eli felt choked. The book was very much like his own life. Eli is a very old soul, with the face of a much younger man. Hundreds of years ago, Eli was born to a human mother and a father from a different world. Death did not scare him, because for him, death wasn’t anywhere in the future. He just never admitted to himself that he wasn’t happy. “Did he ever find happiness?” he finally asked.

“I haven’t finished it yet. You should give it a read.”

“You will have to let me borrow it.”

“I might, but how will I give it to you if I’m not done?”

“You can bring it to my house… when you’re done, of course.”

“How will I know where you live?”

“I guess you are going to have to socialize. People know me. I’m quite popular in this town. Maybe you would know that if you picked up your head from that book.” Eli stood up and started to walk away.

“And your name?”

“Eli Stone.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“May I know yours?”

“Neal Chatwal.”

“Well I hope I hear from you again, Neal.”

Eli walked towards the other men. He shook the hands of the other men, and said his goodbyes. Neal stared at him as he left. The air was no longer warm to Neal, Eli had given him the chills. Why was he so confused? He didn’t know how to feel about him.