blackcrystalsrpg: Ok then. Here’s some info about…


Ok then. Here’s some info about Starsio!!!!


Story So Far

Starsio is gifted with a beautiful voice. He worked as a street performer in his home town along with his friend, Melody. Starsio would sing his little heart out all day while Melody acted as the hype girl of the duo, gathering audience, getting the crowd excited and accepting/demanding money from onlookers. Life was hard for the two, but they managed to make ends meet somehow.

Here’s a sketch of Starsio and Melody back in the good ol’ days.


Melody doesn’t have a game sprite yet. Here are some sketches of her for the curious.


Now back to the story!

All of this changed though when one day Starsio was kidnapped off of the streets by a bunch of goons!!!!

Starsio was taken to the cabaret/brothel “Paprika”. This establishment is notorious for human trafficking and forced labor, however is protected by the Law Enforcement of Capital City. Starsio was forced to become a singer at Paprika. The boss there had heard of Starsio and his voice and decided he would be the perfect change the establishment needed in order to boost business.

All of this was very hard on poor Starsio. At first he was helpless to do anything, however, not long after he was brought to Paprika, Starsio awakened a mysterious ability. He could suddenly conjure fireflies that would do his bidding! Here’s a WIP of his fire fly magic!


Starsio did not understand how and why he had gained this ability, but he knew one thing for certain: it was time to escape. On a rainy night, not very different from the night he was kidnapped, Starsio sets off his escape plan with one last song….


Starsio is mild mannered and very polite. He gets irritated by things often but he never loses his temper. He is more of a passive aggressive type. He is also not a leader type of person. Back at home Melody acted as the leader of the two. However, Starsio steps up and assumes leadership when him and Arthur set their escape plan in motion. 

He also has an inner diva that comes out from time to time. Here’s a draft skill animation that kinda shows that side of him.


CANDY. Think of the most unhealthy, more artificially colored, suger coated with 20 layers of glazing, stuffed with 10 types of custard, dipped in 15 types of chocolate candy, multiply by infinity, and then serve to Starsio. He LOVES unhealthy candy. Glow in the dark  and fluorescent candy is his favorite. 

In fact, candy items have bonus effects on him if used in battle! That’s how much he loves CANDY!!!!

Fun Facts

I originally created Starsio when I was about 13-14 years old. He was a character in a story I wrote called “The Legend of the Black Crystals”. In that story, Starsio was Italian and was a mute. This is what he looked like back then! 

I hope you guys found this post interesting. Until next time!